Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vegan Review: My letter to Marshmallows (Sweet & Sara review)

Hello Marshmallows,

Long time no taste. At first I thought you were just a side item to the wonderful smores that I would eat during the winter or the last thing I would grab when I needed something sweet and had no other options. I would put you in hot chocolate but realized that cool whip tasted better.  I even gave you a try when Easter came around and you would stuff yourself into those colored egg shaped candies only to get pissed because it was so hard I could have chipped a tooth.

You see Marshmallows, you have kinda left a bad taste in my mouth...literally.  I thought I would be done with you forever until I was on a website looking for vegan treats.  I came across Sweet & Sara. I was looking through the delicious looking treats when what do I see? You. But not just you.  You and your friends cinnamon and pecan.  Now at first I thought you were going to trick me again.  Place yourself in to a few of my favorite things just so I would eat you. But I admit Marshmallow, you had my attention. I searched a little more.

I found a lot of reviews praising you and your new found home at Sweet & Sara.  I though maybe Sweet & Sara had made you likable, after all you were in this cute square shape. I closed the website and continued my search for vegan treats.  But then you began torturing me Marshmallows.  I began thinking about you all the time, wondering where you were and what you were doing. OK - maybe I wasn't that bad but I did have you on  my list of things to try.

Then one day, while walking around Whole Foods, there you were.  I stared at you for a second.  It was kinda awkward as we have not seen each other in a while but you looked so lovely just sitting there by other treats.  I picked you up and I have to admit a smile came across my face.  I saw you in all your glory, pecans, cinnamon, ewey gooey white fluff. I didn't get my hopes up though. I wanted to make sure it was real this time.  I didn't want you to disappoint me again.

Everything else was a blur until I was sitting in my car opening your container and placing my fingers around your softness.  I placed you in my mouth and was so overcome with joy.  You tasted fabulous!  Now, I don't want to get carried away and embarrass myself so I will just get to the point.  Sweet & Sara made you delicious.  I praise them for thinking outside the box and giving the vegan world such a good little treat. I am sorry for having doubted you for so long.  I hope you can forgive me and I promise that next time I question you...well there won't be a next time.  I am hooked!

Your Reformed Marshmallow Hater

So in summary here is my final review:
(on a scale from 1 to 5)
Taste - 4 1/2 - I would have given them a 5 but unfortunately they tasted like my fridge when I tried them a few days later. Plactic bag next time! :-)
Price - 4 - While the $5.99 might be quite a shock for most people, it really is a reasonable price for 16-18 pieces and I was satisfied after eating just one. So it was well worth it to me.
Flavor - 5- Cinnamon and pecan are two of my favorite things.  These are the only ones I have tried so far but neither one was overpowering and went beautifully with the marshmallows.
Texture - 5 - It really is the perfect texture. soft and a little chewy.

I can't wait to try other flavors!  Thank you Sweet & Sara!


  1. I STILL haven't tried Sweet & Sara's marshmallows! I need to get on the ball with that :P I wonder how they'd melt, a la rice krispie treats...

  2. Oh yeah rice krispies! Good idea! Let me know if you end up trying them. Thanks! :-)

  3. ;) These guys are too good to "waste" on rice krispie treats! They totally do work but I prefer to eat them straight up. They are so gourmet tasting and such a luscious treat.

    For my krispie treat needs, I go with the less pricey vegan Dandies by Chicago Soy Dairy. They are more the traditional "Stay Puf" sort of texture and are great for s'more toasting and melting in krispie treats.

    The S&S's are for savoring, IMO. Mmmm.

  4. I will have to give Dandies a try! Thanks for the info! :-)

  5. I have been on a hunt for veggie mallows for ages. I came across sweet and sarah awhile ago but their price put me off. This little review is totally making me want to order a few!

  6. S&S are SO delicious--try their peanut butter s'mores and their toasted coconut marshmallows!! Check out their website to see a clip from then they were on the Food Network--I'm so hooked!

  7. I have not tried them yet.... but your post made me laugh and peaked my interest enough to give it a try!

  8. Hey, great letter and great blog! You should keep on posting. :-)